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Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices from his companies because of ChatGPT

While Apple revealed the arrival of ChatGPT on Siri while announcing its new suite of AI-based services, Elon Musk threatened to ban the brand's devices from its companies. Are there reasonable justifications?

Elon Musk expresses concerns after ChatGPT integration with Siri announcement

Last Monday, Apple announced the arrival Artificial Intelligence (AI) Officially called Apple Intelligence, a set of its new generative AI features. Among this multitude of new features, it turns out that OpenAI's ChatGPT is now integrated into Siri on iOS 18:

“Siri can leverage ChatGPT’s expertise when it’s useful. Users are surveyed before sending questions to ChatGPT, accompanied by documents or images, and Siri then provides the answer directly. »Apple's statement says

After this announcement, Elon Musk was quick to respond with his distinctive style. He said that if Apple integrated GPT chat into its operating system, not all Apple devices would be able to enter its businesses. Visitors will also be required to disconnect their Apple devices and place them in the security section before entering Elon Musk's business.

"If Apple integrated OpenAI at the operating system level, Apple devices would be blocked from my businesses. This is an unacceptable security breach." Elon Musk said on Twitter

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Shortly afterwards, the entrepreneur issued a new statement to clarify his remarks, expressing his concerns regarding the protection of personal data:

“It is clearly absurd that Apple is not smart enough to create its own AI, but is able to guarantee that GBT Chat will protect your security and privacy! Apple has no idea what actually happens once your data is transmitted to OpenAI. sell you at the end of "The End".

However, a community note was added to the tweet regarding this statement, while emphasizing that Apple was not integrating ChatGPT directly into its operating system. Rather, it is an additional feature of Siri. Additionally, users will need to give permission before each authorization.

However, even though training such AI requires a large amount of data, it can be difficult to truly judge what is happening behind the scenes. Whether in relation to Apple, OpenAI or any company.

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