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From SEC Surprises to Memes: How Can Cryptocurrency Markets Be Transformed?

*The following market information is provided by the Institute CoinEx For research.

May 2024 brought a state of activity to Cryptocurrency market, marked by regulatory surprises and the resurgence of meme tokens. The most significant development was the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) unexpected approval of a rule change that could soon allow the launch of Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This crucial decision not only led to a change in market dynamics but also reignited interest in several meme tokens on different blockchain networks.

SEC Approval of Ethereum ETFs: A Game Changer

On May 23, the SEC approved an amendment to Rule 19b-4, a crucial step toward the introduction of Ethereum exchange-traded funds. This move was unexpected, as prior to this, market sentiment was leaning heavily towards rejection. Analysts believe political motivations may have played a role, as the Biden administration sought to shore up support against crypto advocate Donald Trump. The final green light for exchanges, expected at the end of June or beginning of July, is expected soon.

The immediate impact on the market was profound. The ETH/BTC pair has rebounded strongly from its yearly low of 0.045, and data from CryptoQuant showed a significant movement of ether from exchanges to self-custodial wallets. Around 797,000 Ethereum was withdrawn. Its value is estimated at around $3.02 billion, by the stock exchanges between May 23 and June 2. This trend indicates that investors are holding on to their Ether, anticipating further price increases, which is often a bullish signal.

Cryptocurrency dynamics: Ethereum is on the rise

Approval obtained Ethereum ETF The exchange shifted market attention from Bitcoin to Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The relative market capitalization of Ethereum compared to Bitcoin is now comparable to levels seen in March, highlighting the growing interest in Ethereum. The narrowing gap in trading volume between the two cryptocurrencies indicates that Ethereum is gaining more traction among institutional and retail investors.

Return of the unique meme symbol

The positive sentiment surrounding Ethereum ETFs has spread to meme token markets. This revival began with Ethereum-based meme tokens and quickly spread to other blockchains such as Solana and Bitcoin. Most notable is the emergence of politically themed memes, a trend dubbed “PolitiFi,” which has gained momentum with icons centered on U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Celebrity-backed coins: JENNER AndMOTHER

May also saw the emergence of celebrity-backed coins, with notable examples JENNER, launched by Caitlyn Jenner,MOTHER coin, created by Iggy Azalea. These tokens quickly gained popularity, reaching trading volumes of over $200 million in just a few days. The rapid success of these coins highlights the powerful influence of celebrities on the cryptocurrency market.

Runic Protocol Market Is Rising

Runes Protocol, launched on April 20, performed modestly initially but saw a significant increase in market capitalization in May, crossing the $1 billion mark. This huge rise follows a bold claim by its founder, Casey Rodarmor, who vowed to commit suicide if the market capitalization did not reach $1 billion within a month. The enthusiastic market response suggests a strong shift toward meme runes.

Stablecoin flow: slow but steady increase

Despite the overall downward trend in the market, stablecoin inflows saw a slight increase of $18 million in May, with no significant outflows. This stability indicates that the underlying bullish trend of the cryptocurrency market has not completely reversed. Furthermore, the market recovery since the end of May, driven by a rebound in Bitcoin prices, suggests that Stablecoin Flow The situation may improve in June, which could lead to increased steps toward recovery as investor confidence in the recovery maintains.


May was a transformative month for the cryptocurrency market. It was marked by the SEC's surprise move regarding Ethereum exchange-traded funds and the revival of meme tokens. These developments highlight the dynamic nature of the market, where regulatory decisions and cultural phenomena such as meme currencies can significantly influence investor behavior and market trends. As the market anticipates further regulatory approvals and the continued rise of meme tokens, the outlook for the coming months remains optimistic and forward-looking.

*The following market information is provided by the Institute CoinEx For research.

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