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Large Investors Are Entering the Meme Coin Market Strongly: Dogecoin Leads

The recent period has witnessed significant demand from institutional investors for digital currencies, led by Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Baby, according to a recent report published by Bybit digital currency trading platform. Bybit . The report shows that these institutions have been actively trading currencies even since the beginning of the year. And specify exactly what types of currencies you currently hold.

Significant increase in meme coin holdings

arrive The report Large investors' holdings of meme currencies increased by 226% to $204 million between last February and March, coinciding with the growing popularity of this type of digital currency. These holdings continued to increase in April, reaching $293.7 million.

However, these investors appear to have liquidated some of their positions as interest in meme coins has peaked. Their holdings fell to $139 million in May. This partial exit is believed to be due to investors' desire to make some profits in anticipation of a price decline due to profit-taking operations by other traders.

Dogecoin is the preferred currency of investors

The report indicated that Dogecoin DOGE It is the most widely traded meme coin among institutional and retail investors. Dogecoin represents 36.17% of total major meme currency holdings. While it represents 24.58% of the assets of individual investors. This strong demand for Dogecoin is attributed to its “high liquidity and relative stability” compared to other currencies.

Institutional investor interest in meme coins also emerged when asset manager VanEck launched a meme index to track the performance of top meme coins. This indicator includes Dogecoin (DOGE), and Shiba Inu (SHIB), and baby (PEPE) and Dog Way Fat (Wireless), and Floki (FLOKI), and Bonk (BONK).

Demand from individuals is also increasing

Not only are institutional investors in demand for meme coins, but they have also seen a significant increase in retail holdings, increasing by 478% from February to April. Like large investors, individuals also reduced their meme coin holdings from $567 million to $371 million.

It is worth noting that new meme coins, such as Solana-based Bunk, have been very well received by investors. Individuals allocated $136 million to this currency, while institutional investors allocated $74.5 million.

In conclusion, the entry of large investors into the meme market shows how popular this type of digital currency has become and its adoption has increased on a large scale since the beginning of the year.

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