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PlanetQuest Launches Community-Friendly NFT Planet Sale

PlanetQuest, a universal blockchain game of exploration, discovery, and survival, has partnered with Immutable X to host a community-friendly NFT planet sale. This event will see a new approach to NFT sales as PlanetQuest focuses on eliminating gas wars and running bots so the NFTs reach deserving buyers or players.

PlanetQuest and Immutable are holding a planet sale where interested participants can submit their applications at the PlanetQuest website. After applications are closed, all entries will be judged and planetary NFTs will be sold to the most deserving entrants. All applicants must successfully pass the vetting process in order to receive a rank and be eligible to earn NFTs in the PlanetQuest universe.

The ways to increase your rank are as follows:

  • You must join the PlanetQuest community and earn points toward your Explorer Pass.
  • Holding PlanetQuest Insignia NFTs increases your chances of getting a good rank. These NFTs are currently traded on IMX.
  • Write a great motivation as part of the application process.

The above options are open until May 31, 2022. Until then, you can complete these processes to increase your chance of getting a planet NFT.

PlanetQuest NFT game

Price of planets on sale

PlanetQuest has decided to distribute only three galaxies of planets until early access in 2023. In every galaxy there are planets of different levels:

  • Usual: 1800
  • Rare: 900
  • Epic: 300
  • Legendary: 30

The regular price of the planets in USD is:

  • Usual: $2,000
  • Rare: $8,000
  • Epic: $20,000
  • Legendary: $100,000

The reduced price of the planets for this sale in USD is:

  • Usual: $250
  • Rare: $2,000
  • Epic: $5,000
  • Legendary: $25,000

What are PlanetQuest planets?

There will be six planet classes in PlanetQuest namely Desert, Forest, Tropical, Ice, Volcanic and Strange. Each class of planets will have a unique set of ecosystems, vegetation, artifacts, and creatures. The planets will be available in four levels of rarity – common, rare, epic and legendary.

The Genesis Engine is a technology developed by PlanetQuest that renders unique planets in real time in the browser. Planets are key to PlanetQuest gameplay. Planet owners get a Quantum bonus for the planet they own and can invite friends to the game. Players who join the game as friends can access the planetary level, traits, potential upgrades and provide players with in-game bonuses.

Planet and guild owners and highly skilled players have a chance to earn $PQX tokens. Quantum or $PQX is an extremely rare token that is an ERC-20 token. This token powers the entire in-game economy and can be used to purchase in-game items or artifacts.

Details about PlanetQuest Strange Legendary Planets

PlanetQuest Planet Sale Verification and Claims Procedure

PlanetQuest starts the internal review process after the application deadline. Each applicant is ranked based on community activity, badges, commendations, pass points, and other information. The results and updates will be provided via the official Discord server. After completing the verification process, you can buy a planet. You will be emailed a link for the claim process. Upon successful completion of the payment, your Planet NFTs will be minted into your wallet.

About PlanetQuest?

PlanetQuest is a blockchain game that offers NFT in-game planet ownership. The game features multiplayer exploration and discovery experiences apart from holding unique planet NFTs. Each planet in the game has unique characteristics including terrain, vegetation, creatures, etc. Players must fight to survive on these alien planets and search for valuable artifacts.

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