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Best 3 blockchain games for pc

One of the most straightforward and most clever ways of gaining some new useful knowledge is by playing. Consider it. Kids do it to learn math. Teenegers do it to figure out how to drive. Indeed, even pilots do it to consummate their abilities. So… why not playing to become familiar with somewhat more about digital money and blockchain? Time to present

EOS Knight

The EOS blockchain is among the most noticeable organizations for the turn of events, facilitating, and execution of decentralized applications (otherwise called dApps). What's more, indeed, as you could expect this blockchain has its own EOS coin.
This portable game is accessible for the two iOS and Android gadgets. Despite the fact that they have a Chrome expansion in the event that you favor the program client experience. As the name recommends, EOS Knight is tied in with battling the miscreants in various ways. The game permits you to gather and exchange EOS-based things through various activities controlled on shrewd agreements.


On the off chance that the cyberpunk world isn't for you, then, at that point, you should attempt 0xUniverse — an Ethereum-based technique game that will take you on an enormous ride.
0xUniverse is a spot to fly let your creative mind. Make spaceships to investigate the universe and extreme colonize different planets. The more planets you own, the more worth you collect.
Every planet has various assets and populaces, which give extraordinary worth to your planets. Esteem that is just yours since it's totally recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. To benefit from your planet possession, players can sell portions of them.

Gods Unchained

This exchanging cards game is effectively tantamount with Hearthstone. As a player, you would need to secure card packs and begin fabricating a deck of remarkable interesting cards.
As you could envision, each card is a resource on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 token. That implies cards are really yours and can be unreservedly traded and sold on the auxiliary market. Divine beings Unchained has gotten $15 million in financing, transforming it into an extremely encouraging player inside the blockchain gaming local area.
The game works in various modes, permitting single or multi-player design and incorporates serious week by week competitions that lead to a few sizable awards.


As the name recommends, this Ethereum-based game is the Pokémon of the blockchain gaming world. A decentralized application that sends you directly to a universe of beasts. Catch, train and exchange these beasts to turn into the pioneer.
Ether Monsters are named collectible things, and possession is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. To begin, you can purchase beasts from the game's store.
Ethermon unites components of increased reality, which gives an upgraded gaming experience to players.
To benefit from this specific game, players not exclusively can sell mons, yet additionally mine the in-game cryptographic money EMONT — an ERC20 token covered at 20 million tokens. These tokens can be effortlessly traded for Ether (ETH) or utilized inside the Ethermon world for different purposes.