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What is Nyan heros? TPS shooter on the Solana blockchain and nyan heroes marketplace

 The game project Nyan Heroes is a P2E game (play and earn), in which gamers are invited to control cute Nekovian cats in mechatronic suits (Guardians), fighting bosses in PvE and each other in PvP.

 According to the developers, the gameplay in Nyan Heroes will be similar to a third-person shooter (TPS) in the spirit of the Royal Battle (Battle Royale). This is the principal, yet not by any means the only game mode

 The game happens in the made up universe of the Necovia metaverse. The storyline will consist of lo-fi and cyberpunk events. For gamers, there are many gameplay options, the ability to play for free, rent Guardians, run scholarship programs and create guilds.

The game is made on the Unity motor. The project features attractive graphics and gameplay optimization, which will be available even on inexpensive gadgets.

One of the Nyan Heroes art

About the plot of Nyan Heroes

The game takes place in Nekovia. Hundreds of years ago, it was the largest civilization on the planet, reaching the peak of its development. Its inhabitants relied on scientific and technological progress, not caring about the consequences and not respecting the laws of nature.

The once flourishing land has been depleted by uncontrolled resource extraction. The water was poisoned with waste. Mother Nature could not stand such bullying, and rebelled.

Nightmarish creatures began to appear from under the ground, from the barren wastelands, from the poisoned seabed, capturing almost the entire territory of the state in three days. Necovia suffered huge losses.

A little over a year has passed since then. Monsters still ravage the land, but there is still hope for Nekovia.  A little small bunch of survivors are battling for their reality.. It is in your power, using game tools, to help the inhabitants restore their former greatness.

What is Nyan heros? TPS shooter on the Solana blockchain and nyan heroes marketplace

Gameplay Features

As already mentioned, today the game project is a third-person shooter with a single or cooperative passage. The developers are also considering the possibility of playing in the first person. The game will have 4 game modes, consider them in detail.

PvE Adventures

This is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the gameplay, the capabilities of the Guardians and assess the degree of difficulty of the bosses. Great for beginners.

Earning in PvE gives:

  • Farming of NYN and CTNP tokens.
  • Increase in Persian experience and player account level.
  • Consumables for cloning Guardians and Nyans, creating new primary/secondary weapons (surcharge NYN+CTNP).
  • Parts for crafting Guardian parts, weapons, consumables (CTNP surcharge).
  • Mystical dust to exchange for weapon skins/Guardian parts (CTNP supplement).

What is Nyan heros? TPS shooter on the Solana blockchain and nyan heroes marketplace

Battle Royale

This is PvP on a separate map with 60 players who will fight for the prize pool. Gamers expect a lot of landscapes - wastelands, impenetrable forests, toxic swamps and insurmountable mountains on the way to the centrally located ruined Nekovian metropolis.

Earning in PvP gives:

  • Farming of NYN and CTNP tokens.
  • Consumables for cloning Guardians and Nyans, creating new primary/secondary weapons (NYN surcharge).
  • Parts for crafting Guardian parts, weapons, consumables (CTNP surcharge).
  • Mystical dust to exchange for weapon skins/Guardian parts (CTNP supplement).

You can take part in the battle alone (must be indicated at the start) or in a team of three people. If a player does not have a team, he will be automatically added to any forming one. For many beginners, this can give a chance to win, thanks to the cooperation with more experienced players.

Before the match, you can choose equipment. When playing in a team, watch what the rest of its members choose to make the team as balanced as possible. This is the key to victory.

As with other Battle Royale formats, players drop off a ship and land at a location they choose on the map. Upon arrival, they immediately activate class, secondary and passive abilities.

First you need to find the main and secondary weapons, which are hidden all over the map - lying in plain sight or inside supply boxes. Since there are a lot of weapons, you need to choose the most suitable for the style of play and role in the team.

All characters start playing with the same base ability level. During the game, you can get mana crystals that improve the characteristics of weapons and Guardians.

The most actively pumped, for obvious reasons, are Persians of rare, ultra-rare and legendary categories. However, according to the developers, pumping reaches its peak only by the end of the match, in the event that the Persian survives. So even the owners of free accounts have a chance to stay longer.

By the way, according to the developers, an attacking strategy will be best played in the Royal Battle. It will be difficult for those who like to hide / sit out and sniper attacks.

The game system limits the output of mana for gamers using such strategies. This means that their Persians will be less leveled, and by the end of the game, this will put them at a disadvantage.

To survive, you need to move more - look for shields, first aid kits to restore health and maintain energy. As the safe zone shrinks, move to the center to avoid taking damage. The last one standing will win and receive a reward.

Concept art Nyan


The game's metaverse, known as Eden, is not just made up of Necovia. This is the largest civilization. However, there are others that have historically had little interaction with one another.

The entire metaverse will be divided into patches of land with a central genesis region. Owning a lot will allow the player to become a master and form a guild.

Community members will have access to individual quests, missions, raids, including giant campaigns against legendary bosses. The number of guild members will be limited by the size of the lot.

Guild creators can run scholarship programs in the game, allowing players to farm tokens by completing daily tasks, quests, missions. With the subsequent payment of a part of the income.

Guild members will also be able to perform hired jobs for other communities. It will be possible to hire members of other guilds and individual players to help in difficult missions or raids. The income received is divided between the master and the members of the guild.

Of course, the most profitable will be the central lands, which generate a constant traffic of visitors for shops, repair centers and other facilities on the site.

The income from them can be a source of high earnings for guilds on the sale of in-game goods, as well as commission fees. The higher the income of the guild, the more prospects for expansion.

Nyan Heroes

What is Nyan heros? TPS shooter on the Solana blockchain and nyan heroes marketplace Nyan Heroes


RPG mode

Allows you to build a real business (shop, market, restaurant, scholarship program, mini-games) within the metaverse and Necovia itself.

Battle Royale and Guilds will launch in 2022 after a public sale of land. Also, gamers will have the opportunity to create their own game content on the platform.

Genesis Nyan

The main playable character is a Nyan cat in a mechatronic Sentinel suit. There is no limit to their number in the game. Both Persian and suit are NFTs. At the same time, a pre-sale and a subsequent sale of Genesis-Nyanov were held for early investors.

According to the plot of the game, these are the last surviving Nyans, heroically defending Nekovia. Their total number is 11,111 pieces. Each one with the ability to mint a free Guardian. Released in five rarity classes: Common 46%, Uncommon 29%, Rare 14%, Ultra Rare 7%, Legendary 4%.

What is Nyan heros? TPS shooter on the Solana blockchain and nyan heroes marketplace

Presale Genesis-Nyanov took place on October 16 (5500 pcs). The sale took place on October 8 (5100 units). The sale was carried out through the Solana FairLaunchProtocol at a price of 6 SOL.

Unlike other cats that will appear in the game through cloning in stasis chambers, Genesis Nyans will retain their rarity and uniqueness in the Nyan Heroes ecosystem. Having them will give players a ton of goodies, including:

  • access to the beta test;
  • early access to the land presale;
  • exclusive events, drops;
  • a guaranteed opportunity to crush the Guardian.

It will be possible to get your own robot after a snapshot of the wallet with the Genesis Nyan NFT, which will be carried out by the developers. Each Guardian will be minted according to the Persian's rarity level. Legendary nannies will receive legendary Guardians. By the way, there will be very few of them in the game.

Robot owners will be able to receive an increased amount of catnip (CTNP token) and other rewards for their actions. The number of tokens earned will depend on the Guardian's rarity level. So far, the gradation has not been determined.

Players who join the game on a free basis will also be able to farm CTNP with fewer rewards. Gradually, they will be able to collect the required number of tokens and mint their Guardian (Guardian NFT).

Mechanized Suit (Guardian Robot)

Using the power of guardian gems, each character in the game can summon a Guardian. It is unique and, when summoned, gains random characteristics and robotic body parts.

Here are the main modifications of the parts of the robot, which may differ for different Guardians:

  • Right hand . She is equipped with the main weapon, on which the general class of the Guardian will depend.
  • Left hand . Defines secondary weapons and stats.
  • Back . Endurance, strength, and class super cooldown timer.
  • Head . Will determine the Guardian's passive abilities, both in and out of combat.

It is possible to craft these parts of the Guardians, upgrading them from ordinary to legendary for NYN tokens, as well as to put cosmetic skins on robot parts.


ClassDescriptionclass ability
WarriorAverage speed and health.
Well withstands short-term attacks and inflicts retaliatory damage.
Blade Dance - Blocks incoming projectiles, stores energy and releases it forward in a powerful energy shockwave.
DefenderLow speed. High damage absorption. Needed to cover the team and for a distraction to draw off enemy forces and deliver pinpoint strikes with an Assassin or Sniper." Plasma Shield " - creates reliable protection during a frontal attack. When breaking through, it takes time to recharge. It is possible to increase its power and diameter by 360 degrees by reactivating it. However, at the same time, he becomes vulnerable by 30%.
BerserkThe speed is slightly below average, but has a strong position. Suitable for setting in the center." Bloodlust " is a short-term 6-second berserk state during which haste is applied and damage is added. Activating again allows you to deal a mega melee strike. The damage is greater the more time is left before the end of the berserk state.
AssassinSuper-fast, but fragile. Not suitable for the front lines, but excellent at hiding, using cover, and can get behind enemy lines. Silently strikes, allowing you to destroy high-priority and well-protected targets." Shadow Step " - move imperceptibly during the activation of the ability. It is provided by a speed boost and double jumps. When activated again, the Assassin can throw projectiles, leaving invisibility. When hitting an enemy, the damage increases many times.
SniperFast but fragile. Hides, avoiding direct enemy fire. Shoots more accurately than other classes." Hook-shot " - allows you to quickly move from position to position in order to occupy heights and accurately hit enemy targets.
MedicHigh speed and survivability. Moves around the battlefield and keeps team members alive.Revitalize - Can send out a small drone that follows a protected target and provides a constant regeneration boost and a small shield. When activated again, heals team members en masse, after which the drone needs to recharge.
ScoutHigh speed, medium brittleness. Suitable for exploration of new territories." Ricochet " - echolocation of closed areas after a shot. Shows the positions of any enemies for a few seconds.
MechanicHigh power, medium speed. Machines work for it, warning of the appearance of the enemy and even causing damage." Sentry " - the ability to place a sentry unit on any surface. You can set up to two pieces. They automatically detect movement in a protected area and attack enemies in close combat.
SoldierStandard stat build. Equipped with heavy explosives. The only non-NFT Guardian class. Free for new players." Rocket jump " - due to low damage, it can jump high, getting where others cannot. "Multiple rocket". Generates a radius of destruction by firing all missiles from behind at the target up to 3 times in a row. If you shoot while jumping, you can quickly leave the affected area.


Collecting equipment and crafting items

In the PvP Arena, all Guardians will be leveled to 1 to ensure the same play experience for crafted item owners and non-crafted item owners. In other modes, especially in the guild mode, collecting and crafting equipment will become a very important part of the gameplay.

In PvE combat, players will be able to craft and equip unique primary and secondary weapons for a small fee in NYN. Therefore, for different Guardians, weapons will range from ordinary to legendary. The level can be increased gradually. You can also always sell or buy equipment of interest on the market.


All sites in the game metaverse are divided into 5 categories according to rarity. The most prestigious - in the center, the least profitable - along the outer perimeter. Owners of Genesis-Nyans, depending on the level of the Persians, will be able to qualify for early access to the presale. For example, owners of legendary genesis will be the first to get access.

All land in the game will have a limited supply. After all plots in Nekovia are sold, they will no longer be available on the primary market. Only buy on the secondary, if someone decides to sell.

Lots will be used for building, running mini-games, and creating guilds. Everything you need for the game can be bought on the domestic market. We are talking about the nannies themselves, the main, auxiliary weapons, cosmetic skins, raw materials, crafting items, guards, etc.

What is Nyan heros? TPS shooter on the Solana blockchain and nyan heroes marketplace Game concept art

Nyan Heroes token economy

The project's token economy system will be built on rewarding players. Its hallmark will be dependence on the skills of the player, and not on donations to effective nannies. Of course, when buying characters of the legendary level, gamers will have an advantage over other players, but otherwise everyone will have a chance to win.

There will be two tokens in the game:


This is a governance token with a 4-year release schedule. It will be needed for transactions and crafting items. Part of the tokens will be distributed among the team, investors, treasury, staking reward pool. The remainder will go to the public sale.



This is a utility token that can be farmed in the game. Behind the eyes, it is called catnip)) It has practical value. Used to buy skins, craft equipment, robot parts, create consumables from raw materials, new NFTs, characters and items. 

The developers do not set themselves the task of creating a project for simple farming. From what we can see at this stage, it will be a high-end metaverse that will be fun to play and invest in.

Crafting, opening shops, markets, launching mini-games - all this will create the preconditions for spending tokens within the in-game economy. This will perfectly offset the net churn and help create a balanced ecosystem.

What is Nyan heros? TPS shooter on the Solana blockchain and nyan heroes marketplace Distribution of tokens

Nyan Heroes game options

Free . Anyone can try to play the game to get acquainted with the gameplay from the inside. When you start, the basic nyan will shrink for free. Attached to it is the same basic Guard-soldier. You can earn for progress in PvE adventures and participation in PvP battles (Battle Royale).

At the same time, you won’t be able to earn a lot, since the level of the robot will not increase as you progress. Also, standard Guardians do not have the ability to craft. Therefore, as the missions and levels in adventure games become more difficult, it will be difficult to remain a standard nanny pilot.

Rent . You can borrow a higher level Guardian and Nanny from guilds or private players running scholarship programs. You can farm, participate in all quests without restrictions. Part of the income will be received by the landlord, and the tenant can raise funds over time to purchase his Guardian.

Genesis . Early investors can get Guardians with unique characteristics for free (gas fee only). This will give obvious advantages during the gameplay.

Paid . At any time, you can purchase everything you need to crush the Guardian. The proceeds will be used to replenish the Treasury of the game project.

What is Nyan heros? TPS shooter on the Solana blockchain and nyan heroes marketplace Game concept art

What can you earn?

Being a P2E project, Nyan Heroes offers several options for making money.

For singles:

  1. Daily farming of tokens for completing PvE missions and tasks.
  2. Participation in the Royal battle and earnings on PvP battles.
  3. Hiring as an assistant when completing complex quests, missions and raids.
  4. Hiring as a member of a scholarship program to generate income.
  5. Craft weapons, skins and sell as NFTs on the domestic market.
  6. Cloning nannies and robots in special stasis chambers and then selling them, creating a scholarship program, or sending additional characters to guilds to earn money.

For guilds:

  1. Creation of mini-games.
  2. Opening a business (shop, market) on your site.
  3. The launch of the scholarship program is a massive farming of goodies.
  4. Participation in raids against legendary bosses (you can attract members of other guilds and hire singles).
  5. Completing multiplayer quests and tasks with cool prizes.

Development team

There are many outstanding personalities among the creators of Nyan Heroes. There are marketers, bloggers with 30 million subscribers, popular streamers, gamers, game designers, Backend/Fullstack developers, cool concept artists. The team is constantly replenished by veterans of the gaming industry, including employees of Riot Games, Ubisoft and EA.

Developers Nyan Heroes What is Nyan heros? TPS shooter on the Solana blockchain and nyan heroes marketplace

Plans for the second half of 2022 - early 2023:

  • Launch of the alpha version of the game.
  • Pre-sale of Genesis-Lands.
  • Testing Battle Royale and Adventure modes.
  • Launch of PvP competitions with a prize pool.
  • Launching guild systems. Staking rewards.

In November, $2.5 million was raised in an early round of funding to develop the project. The largest inflow of capital was provided by 3 companies - Three Arrows Capital, Mechanism Capital and DeFiance Capital.

Also, such well-known organizations in the crypto sphere as Sino Global Capital, Infinity Ventures Capital, Solana Ventures, Skyvision Capital, Yield Guild Games and Merit Circle provided support.


Pleasant art concepts, intricate plot, wide opportunities for crafting and earning definitely put Nyan Heroes in a number of our priorities. We at Cryptogamer think that this is a very promising gaming project from any point of view.

Nyan Heroes brings together the best aspects of many existing games:

  • Land, as in Aavegotchi - profitable plots in the Citadel and cheaper - on the outskirts.
  • The ability to create custom content and mini-games, just like in Sandbox.
  • The presence of the popular battle royale format, as in PUBG and similar projects.

Nyan Heroes also takes up the important topic of environmental pollution and the mindless exploitation of resources, which not only affects people, but also animals.