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At what price will Starkent tokens (STRK) be issued? Controversial airdrop

As the token distribution approaches Starkent (STRK), what price can we expect when this cryptocurrency launches? Here are the first numbers released from the permanent futures markets.

What price should we expect when Starkent launches STRK token?

Starknet, a layer two solution for the Ethereum blockchain, has officially announced the release of the STRK token. The distribution date is set for February 20 next year. So far the community is interested in the starting price of STRK.

As mentioned in the previous article, approximately 1.3 million Starknet addresses are eligible for the mass airdrop of 728 million STRK tokens. Although the selection criteria for this new distribution are varied and numerous, the distribution applies to second-tier users. In addition to developers and even individual Ethereum participants.

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As with any token announcement, the question remains: what will the STRK token trade at launch? So how much airdrop is allocated to these portfolios?

Now, thanks to perpetual futures, you can estimate the price of the Starkent token (STRK), which will be launched in approximately 5 days. On the platform Aevo For example, we see that the STRK token is currently trading at around $1.8 per unit. However, prices are slightly higher on the Whales Market platform as the STRK token is offered at $1.9.

Based on the minimum price of US$1.8, we can estimate that the market capitalization of the Starkent token at launch will be over US$1.3 billion. Thus, this would place it in 67th place in terms of cryptocurrency capitalization. It replaces the TUSD stablecoin and places it directly behind the TKX token.

Since the total supply of STRK is limited to 10 billion tokens, the fully diluted market value (FDV) of the Starkent token will be $18 billion. In other words, based on this number, STRK will enter the list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, replacing Avalanche AVAX in 10th place.

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Controversial airdrop operation

Starknet is the leading Tier 2 solution and one of ZK's most popular rollups. For this reason, the launch of the STRK token was especially anticipated, with many people trying to maximize their chances of gaining the right to distribute the tokens.

However, many of them received an unpleasant surprise when they discovered that they were simply not eligible for this giveaway. Sometimes after months of farming and thousands of dollars invested in staking or various decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

According to various evidence collected on

As a result of this discontent, the prices of some altcoins on Starkent suddenly fell. Since then, Starkent has also received criticism, with some also pointing out that 13% of the total supply of STRK tokens will be paid out in a lump sum on April 15 to investors and early shareholders of the project.

Finally, airdrops often disappoint those who don't qualify, and sometimes it's time to tone things down. Typically, it will take less than five days to know the fate of the STRK token after its launch.

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