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Bitcoin price will reach 200,000 in 2025 according to this expert

According to Peter Brandt, CEO of Factor LLC and an expert in market analysis for over four decades, the price of Bitcoin may ultimately reach $200,000 in 2025 due to the recent bull cycle. While Betjat's chief analyst sees more bullish signals.

Peter Brandt announces $200,000 Bitcoin in 2025 instead of $120,000

Bitcoin (BTC) is celebrating an unexpected jump this week. Thus, the analyst Pierre Brandt Revise his estimates upwards: he is looking at a price of $200,000 next year.

Peter Brandt is no stranger to price analysis, with four decades of experience having analyzed the price of Bitcoin (BTC) numerous times. The current euphoria has pushed him to revise his forecasts for the price of the largest cryptocurrency. He previously set the 2025 Bitcoin price at $120,000. He has now raised his forecast to $200,000:

On February 27, Peter Brandt, CEO of Factor LLC, revised his Bitcoin price estimates for 2025. In fact, in light of the recent bull cycle that pushed the price of BTC even further. Above $56.8K, Peter Brandt predicts Bitcoin price to reach $200K by September 2025:

“With the rally above the upper boundary of the 15-month channel, the target for the current bull cycle expected to end in August/September 2025 has increased from $120,000 to $200,000.”

Peter Brandt clarifies that this scenario could occur if and only if Bitcoin does not close below the lower limit it recorded last week. Otherwise, Bitcoin could reach a new all-time high (ATH) by September 2025.

On February 14, Peter Brandt published an explanatory report on possible trends in the price of Bitcoin in connection with Bitcoin reaching... Bisection. According to the expert, halvings historically occur “midway through major bull cycles.”

"The duration of uptrends after the halving dates was approximately equal to the duration of the period of uptrends occurring before the halving dates. If the pace of the uptrend after April 2024 (the halving coming) is at a similar pace to the pace of the uptrend from the November 2022 low, the October high could be 2025, which is around $150,000. However, post-halving progress made over Previous bull cycles have been much steeper than the progress before the halving.

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Betjat Stock Exchange Chief Analyst Reveals Bitcoin Price Expectations for March

For his part, the chief analyst of... Betjat Stock Exchange He also expressed his expectations for the price of Bitcoin for next March. At an event in Dubai, Ryan Lee said:

"Bitcoin began a new wave of rally on February 27, surpassing its high at $57,000. The total Bitcoin position is $24.75 billion and the 24-hour trading volume is $80.90 billion. Trading volume for the nine U.S. Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) also hit a new high of $3.20 billion. Institutions have strong bullish sentiment. With Bitcoin fork 53 days away and an interest rate cut expected by the Federal Reserve mid-year, Bitcoin will see support at the $50,000 level and could fluctuate to reach all-time highs in March . Resistance lies between $60,000 and $69,000 and support between $48,000 and $52,000."

Of course, these are just estimates provided by some analysts and should be taken with caution. But we still see that the outlook for Bitcoin has been somewhat optimistic since last winter. Especially since the cryptocurrency has jumped sharply in recent days. Since the start of the year, it has increased by 34%.

In fact, other estimates are in favor of Bitcoin: a month ago it was Anthony ScaramucciCEO of Skybridge Capital, already believes that the price of Bitcoin will reach $170,000 by 2025. At the end of the year, Standard Chartered Bank believed that the price would reach $100,000 from 2024.

However, it should be noted that the cryptocurrency market is going through a phase of euphoria, particularly with peaks. These forecasts are therefore of course not fixed and only reflect one possible scenario.

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