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MicroStrategy X account hacked and $440,000 stolen from subscribers

The MicroStrategy account hack allowed hackers to steal more than $400,000 from their subscribers. The criminal simply exploited the popularity of the account to promote fraudulent code.

$440,000 hack via MicroStrategy's X account

MicroStrategy, a company known for its pro-bitcoin stance, had its X account hacked. While the cause of the hack is not yet known, the community quickly questioned the presence of two-factor authentication on the account. During this time, the criminal(s) had enough time to promote a completely fraudulent token.

By taking advantage of the popularity and reputation of the MicroStrategy account, the hackers were able to share a link Phishing To promote a fake airdrop of the MSTR token. Tweets are currently no longer visible. However, the instruction list explains to interested parties how to claim their tokens in just a few steps.

It's relatively clear that many of X's users found the tweet legitimate and followed the instructions. The result was: a massive hack worth $440,000 just through a tweet posted on a well-known account. According to the detective in the series ZachXBT.

This is not the first time that this type of phenomenon has occurred. Unfortunately, the method seems timeless and still proves itself. Last year, the account of Vitalik Buterin, the boss of Ethereum, was also hacked.

Also, the SEC account was the victim of a hack last January, a day before the official announcement of the arrival of the Bitcoin ETF. Even though no money was stolen, this phenomenon highlighted the need to enable two-factor authentication.

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Be careful... no place on the Internet is safe

Although the scam may seem obvious to a large part of society, it is worth remembering a few important elements, particularly in this period when airdrops are increasing, which can therefore be accompanied by scams in this direction.

Even if some tweets or online posts appear legitimate and come from reliable sources, mistrust is required. whether it be Microstrategy Whether it's Vitalik Buterin or the SEC, not everything is legitimate on the Internet.

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