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Dogwifhat meme coin surges 220% after listing on European platform Robinhood

The “Dogewave” meme coin has risen (Wireless) by 4% over the last day. And that's after advertisement Listed on the European cryptocurrency trading platform Robinhood.

"And promise"Dougie Wifat dog womanBuilt on the “Solana” network, it is the best performing coin in the “dog meme” category, according to CoinGecko data from last week. It has increased by 224.5% in the last seven days.

Dogwifat Daily Price Chart
Dogwifat Daily Price Chart

This rise is part of a wave of rises in meme currencies over the past week. Dogecoin, the leading currency in this area, increased by 46.4%. The coin “Shape Eno” increased by 38.4% and the coin “BONK” of the same family “Doji Wave” increased by 95.3%.

Overall, memes had a great week. Or Pink PEPE piece“The frog-themed coin rose 154.3%.”Inu Rooster Chicken-themed currency is up 50% and “MAGA token” currency associated with President Trump is up 85.1% over the past seven days.

These top digital currencies also surpassed “Bitcoin” (which rose 21.9% over the past week) and “Ethereum” (which rose 16.7% over the same period) in a context of broader rise in the digital currency market. Which saw the global market value of all digital currencies reach $2.42 trillion.

Meanwhile, the Solana coin, which Dogewave and Bunk rely on, rose 4.9% over the past day and 31.8% over the week.

Doji Wifat's relationship with meme currencies and the digital currency market

The price of Bitcoin has increased BTCAbove the $60,000 barrier, reaching levels not seen since 2021, amid growing institutional interest in Bitcoin. Launch of several spot Bitcoin ETFs in the USA. Amid growing anticipation around a Bitcoin block rewards “halving” event planned for April.

Meme coins, which are cryptographic tokens inspired by memes and current events, are generally more volatile than utility tokens and established digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Some meme currencies have proven their longevity. Dogecoin, created in 2013 as a joke, has become one of the 10 largest digital currencies by market capitalization. However, many meme coins are disappearing quickly, due to low liquidity, mining token economics, and cultural trends that move at the speed of social media.

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