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PEPE coin rises by over 800%: where will the price go? What you need to know before buying it

piece of money PEPE Skyrocketing highs since the last days of last February, reaching new record levels after... It has increased by more than 800%. Before, it fell slightly due to profit-taking operations.

Unlike the previous rally, which occurred a few weeks after the launch of this frog coin, when most meme coins and the cryptocurrency market were moving in a downward direction.

This time, the increase is part of a state of great optimism which dominates the market. Due to the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs. The largest digital currency on the market has reached its all-time highs.

All popular meme currencies saw strong gains, with 1 PEPE For the stage. Some have even started talking about Dogecoin being removed from the throne of the biggest meme currencies on the market.

The reason behind the rise in the price of PEPE coin

PEPE Coin Price vs. Bitcoin Price Chart
PEPE Coin Price vs. Bitcoin Price Chart

But what is the reason for the rise of this digital currency, which has no practical advantage or project?

Simply put, this is the main reason for the rise of most digital currencies, namely speculation and fear of missing an opportunity or something like that. It's called FOMO.

But for most meme currencies, we can call it gambling. Because even though the same thing is currently happening with other cryptocurrencies, like AI-related cryptocurrencies.

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Many of those who buy these currencies have a long-term view of the project's development and its ability to provide added value or a solution to a problem. Which will lead to an increase in the price of these currencies.

But in a monetary relationship PEPE As for other meme currencies, they are originally comic currencies or humorous currencies, that's what their name is, and most of them don't have a clear future.

History says that every missile launch is accompanied by a meteorite fall.

You are neither special nor lucky

The question many are asking is how far the currency can rise. PEPE Before it starts to decline?

Everyone thinks they are lucky or special (they are not) and want to ride the rising wave so they can take money and profits away from those who enter late.

But the bitter truth is that you, the reader, are very, very likely part of the majority losing group. Unless you bought it more than a month ago.

The second truth is that no one can predict Prices of PEPE parts Or any other meme currency. Whatever data and numbers you put in front of you.
During my search on the Internet, I found a famous news site specializing in digital currencies, which published about four articles on the rise Prices of PEPE parts a few hours. Some of them contain completely contradictory information. Just to increase reads and increase advertising profits.

Prices in the digital currency market are linked to the psychology of speculators (gamblers). This is a standard that cannot be measured in this case, and which can also change 180 degrees with a simple tweet from an anonymous account with a pseudonym and a strange image.

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In the end, know, my friend, that the digital currency market is full of trading opportunities, and many blockchain projects that can bring rewarding returns, whether in the short term (trading) or long term (investing).

All you have to do is learn, research and be patient, of course if you can! Because success in financial markets in general falls into the category of easy and impossible.

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