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Is Donald Trump really adopting Bitcoin or is it just an election strategy?

Recently, Donald Trump, former President of the United States and 2024 presidential candidate, made positive comments about Bitcoin during an interview with CNBC. These comments represent a change from his previous statements regarding cryptocurrencies, but what exactly did he say?

Donald Trump testifies With positive comments on Bitcoin He has no plans to eliminate it in the future

As the 2024 US presidential election approaches, leading candidates Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West are ramping up their campaigning. It is therefore quite natural that they will have to make their platforms speak out on the key issues of the moment.

One of these topics is Bitcoin, which just surpassed its popular high and reached a new high of $72.7k. When He was asked Former Republican President Donald Trump spoke on CNBC about Bitcoin, saying he saw it as "very widely used." He's also "not sure if he wants to eliminate it at the moment."

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More broadly, the American presidential candidate announced that he would not take any action against the use of Bitcoin if he was re-elected. However, Donald Trump defended the US dollar, recognizing that Bitcoin had become more or less independent:

"If you think about it, it's a form of extra currency. I usually say I want a coin, I want the dollar, I don't want people to give up the dollar. That's how I feel, but I I can tell you it's gotten bigger.""

Of course, what Trump said is still just rhetoric, and it will now be a matter of seeing whether Donald Trump will act positively or at least neutral towards Bitcoin if he is indeed re-elected as President of the United States. However, the billionaire said he "sometimes" allows people to pay him in Bitcoin, and that it is "a form of extra currency."

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Trump contradicts himself... but the rules of the game have changed and Bitcoin adoption is at unprecedented levels

The current remarks contrast with statements made by Donald Trump several years ago. For example, Donald Trump said in 2019 that cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are not money and are created out of nothing. Since then, the former American president has used cryptocurrencies himself through card games bearing his image or even through the sale of sneakers.

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It's worth noting that these statements from Trump come at a pivotal time, thanks in part to the explosion in Bitcoin prices. But also because of its adoption by institutions. This is also seen in the success of spot Bitcoin ETFs led by giant BlackRock. It seems clear now that Bitcoin has reached its tipping point of no return and is reaching new highs every day.

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