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Play Sudoku and Win Bitcoin – Here’s How Much You Can Win

Many are looking for new ways to collect cryptocurrencies, and play-to-earn games are becoming a popular choice. Bitcoin Sudoku game is one of the Cryptocurrency games Which allows you to earn points while playing and convert them later to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The Sudoku Bitcoin app, available on iOS and Android, is similar to other apps from Bling Financial such as Sweet Bitcoin, Word Breeze and Ethereum Blast.

This is a simple and free puzzle game, similar to many mobile games. But it's full of unmissable ads between gaming sessions.

But Sudoku is, by nature, a slower-paced game than fast-paced puzzles. In these games, you may play for 30-60 seconds and then be forced to watch an ad that lasts just as long or longer.

With Bitcoin Sudoku, you can spend several minutes thinking about each puzzle before that annoying ad appears.

Fortunately, because the rounds last longer, Bitcoin Sudoku awards more points after each round than other Bling Financial games. Which will benefit you in the end.

Bitcoin Sudoku game interface Source: decrpt
Bitcoin Sudoku game interface Source: decrypt

When you play, you don't feel like you're working hard. This would be a strange contradiction for the simple game of Sudoku.

Bitcoin Sudoku doesn't offer anything new in terms of gameplay. But it's a powerful version of the classic numbers game.

It's easy to play and understand. It allows you to click on any grid box and enter a number, while highlighting the relevant rows, columns and boxes at the same time. Several difficulty levels are available as well as tips and other options.

How much Bitcoin can you earn? I mean Satoshi

Certainly, as is the case with other mobile phone games. The principle of “play to win” digital currencies From Bling Financial and competing companies. You will not earn a significant amount of cryptocurrencies.

By playing for about an hour, you can earn around 155 satoshi (or 1/100,000,000 BTC) – which is equivalent to around $0.11 at the current Bitcoin price (around $72,700).

This amount corresponds to approximately one hour of playing Bitcoin Solitaire. And much more than you would get from Bitcoin Pop (a bubble shooter).

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There is also the game "Word Breeze" which beats them all by this standard.

But these are all small amounts of money, so don't go into Bitcoin Sudoku - or any of these games - thinking you're going to win a lot of money.

However, Bitcoin Sudoku offers a more enjoyable balance of gameplay and ads than other games of this type, with few Bitcoin winnings to boot.

If your goal is to earn satoshis in your free time by any means, you will not find a better option than playing Sudoku or any other such game on your phone.

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