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Risk appetite evident as PUNDU meme raises $100 million

DAO Maker achieved a remarkable milestone by securing nearly $100 million in pre-sales of the new PUNDU meme.

The significant investment made in 36 hours reflects a clear appetite for high-risk projects in the cryptocurrency market. However, the overwhelming response led to oversubscription, requiring refunds to shareholders who sent money after the target was met.

Demand for meme cryptocurrencies increases on Solana Network and PUNDU becomes the first place in presale

DAO Maker revealed that it has raised an impressive $97.6 million on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Solana Network, attracting support from over 20,000 users. PUNDU, which was introduced by the launchpad just a few days ago, has quickly attracted the attention of investors. Where shareholders replaced SOL and USDT with PUNDU allocations.

This success represents an important milestone! This made the PUNDU presale the largest for a meme coin. Most of the deposits also came from Binance Smart Chain, which raised $60 million. However, the Solana coin presale address has also seen significant activity. He received 212,404 SOL, the equivalent of $37.6 million, exceeding the set ceiling of 33,333 SOL. Highlighting the intense interest in meme coins within the Solana ecosystem.

As PUNDU awaits its launch date, the meme commits to a fair rollout, allocating 40% of tokens to presale, another 40% to liquidity pools, and splitting the remaining 10% evenly between marketing efforts and listings on the stock market in the long term.

According to crypto investigator ZachXBT, the Solana presale raised over 796,000 SOL, the equivalent of approximately $149.20 million. This obsession pushed Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Labs, to... He advised Investors should “stop” sending SOL presales. And he said Yakovenko:

“For me, I find it weird, I think people are constantly connected and have nothing better to do.”

Additionally, the frenzy surrounding meme coins has given rise to racist tokens. These memes, with offensive names, symbols and images, include racist slurs, anti-Semitic references and Nazi images.

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