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Bitcoin can now be staked on the Core Chain

It is now possible to store Bitcoin without having to send it to other blockchains. The solution is provided via the Core Chain, Bitcoin’s first layer blockchain.

Bitcoin can now be staked directly on the mainnet

In the process of mortgage, allocation or Stacking digital currencies (Staking), you can grow your cryptocurrencies while holding them (HODL). However, staking cryptocurrencies presents an indirect risk.

In the future, the Bitcoin Mainnet (Core Chain), the first layer solution powered by Bitcoin, allows investors to earn returns by staking their Bitcoin without a deposit.

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To stake Bitcoin without a deposit, investors must participate in the Satoshi Plus consensus mechanism on the Bitcoin mainnet (Core Chain) to earn returns on their Bitcoins. The Satoshi Plus mechanism combines delegated proof of work (DPoW) and delegated proof of stake (DPoS). Core Chain said in its statement:

“No mortgage required Bitcoin Non-custodial Trust a third party, pool assets, or leave the Bitcoin network to share Bitcoin. To help keep the underlying chain secure and earn CORE token rewards, any Bitcoin holder can stake Bitcoin directly on the Bitcoin network.

Staking offers the possibility of generating attractive interest on tokens. Although this has become quite common on Ethereum or other blockchains, Bitcoin is starting to lag behind. Until now, to invest Bitcoin as collateral, it was necessary to “package” it, that is to say convert the Bitcoin into WBTC (Bitcoin which is exchanged on the Ethereum blockchain).

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The new mainnet offering means you can stake your Bitcoin without having to stake your tokens. This means you can retain custody of your assets, as it is a non-custodial solution. The core network whitepaper also mentions improved compatibility with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). At the same time, the solution directly addresses the limitations of Bitcoin. And we quote white paper:

“Recognizing the robustness and security of Bitcoin, the mainnet was designed to overcome its scalability and performance issues. Bitcoin's limitations in transaction throughput, block size, and smart contract capabilities are well documented. The mainnet architecture and its consensus mechanism have been well documented. designed to support larger transaction sizes, faster confirmation times, and a greater range of features without compromising network integrity.

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