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Did this backfire on you? Binance sues Nigerian government

The conflict between the giant exchange Binance and Nigeria's financial regulators is intensifying. Today, the two crypto exchange directors arrested in late February for unclear reasons have filed a lawsuit against the Nigerian government.

One of them escaped from detention and filed a complaint against the government. Two Binance officials turn the tables on Nigerian authorities

For allowing Nigerian citizens to conduct peer-to-peer trading without registering as required by law, Nigeria has accused the Binance exchange of participating in the fall of the naira, the local currency.

As part of the investigation, Nigerian authorities arrested two Binance officials (Nadeem Angarwala and Tigran Gambarian) at the end of February. After failed attempts to negotiate the shortcomings of the stock market. Before Nadeem Anggarwal escaped from the place where he was detained and left the country for an unknown destination with an unknown passport.

According to a Nigerian mediaThe regional director of Binance Exchange in Africa, Nadeem Angarwala, has escaped from his place of detention in Nigeria. The 38-year-old man reportedly fled. After asking the guards to take him to a mosque to perform one of the prayers on the occasion of Ramadan.

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Now, the disputes between the Binance exchange and Nigeria are taking on serious proportions. The still-detained official, Tigran Gambaryan, has decided to sue Nigeria's National Security Advisor and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for violating his human rights. Gambarian, who is responsible for financial crime compliance at Binance, is also demanding his immediate release and return of his passport.

He further demanded a public apology. And that the Nigerian justice system cannot detain him for any reason related to Binance. He also clarified that he had not committed any crime during the meetings with the Nigerian representatives. He has not faced any criticism for anything related to his residency.

Despite having left the country, Nadeem Angarwala filed a similar complaint. According to other Nigerian media, Nigeria will work with Interpol to ensure that the latter is found and extradited to stand trial.

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The Nigerian government says it is investigating whether Binance was used for money laundering and terrorist financing, worth an estimated $35.4 million, according to a complaint filed by the Commission economic crimes and financiers, Nigeria's anti-corruption police.

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