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Iraq to Begin Nationwide Bitcoin Mining

Amid notable diplomatic interaction between the United States and Iraq, recent statements by Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Muhammad Ali Tamim have sparked speculation in the Bitcoin community regarding Iraq's potential entry into the Nationwide Bitcoin mining.

Will Iraq start mining Bitcoin?

Deputy Prime Minister Tamim discussed, during Press conference With US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, a set of initiatives aimed at modernizing Iraq's energy sector and diversifying its economy. Among the topics discussed was the use of new technologies to capture flare gases. It is a byproduct of oil extraction that is often burned and wasted.

Capturing flaming gases is an important point of interest for the Bitcoin community. This excess gas can be converted into electricity and used to power mining operations. This process not only provides an economically viable solution to the waste problem, but is also part of global efforts to reduce environmental pollution, an issue highlighted by Tamim in his speech.

“The Iraqi government works for the prosperity of the Iraqi people, while repaying the debts of the Iraqi nation, especially with regard to the different stages of the energy sector, the use of new technologies and the modernization of the energy sector to reduce pollution . Tamim said the government is working to expand its partnership and reach agreements so that it can, for example, use technologies to capture flammable gases, with a focus on transitioning to innovative energy solutions and durable.

This development prompted Joe Kerr, a well-known Bitcoin expert known on X as @Boomstick44, to suggest that Iraq could be moving towards adopting mining. BTC Widely. “Told me your country would start mining Bitcoin for the US without telling me,” Kerr tweeted. Kiir cited Tamim's statement and took it as proof that Bitcoin mining was just that, as the Iraqi official tried to avoid using that word.

Besides the potential environmental and economic benefits, Deputy Prime Minister Tamim also spoke about boosting tourism. Following rules of the game similar to those of El Salvador. Which has integrated Bitcoin into its economy. Which increased its appeal to a global audience interested in Bitcoin.

El Salvador's adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender has sparked interest in its tourism sector. This indicates a potential path for Iraq to link technological innovation with economic diversification.

While official confirmation from the Iraqi government regarding the start of Bitcoin mining operations is pending and is pure speculation for now, Kiir's connections between Deputy Prime Minister Tamim's comments are noteworthy . This confirms the growing trend of countries taking advantage of Bitcoin to solve economic and environmental problems. Challenges.

As Bitcoinist reports, six countries are already officially mining Bitcoin nationwide. These countries include El Salvador, Kingdom of Bhutan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Ethiopia. For example, Bhutan secretly spent millions building a national Bitcoin mining operation to avoid an economic crisis.

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