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Recommendation for Apple users to disable Trust Wallet. Is your money in danger?

I warned The popular cryptocurrency wallet “Trust“iPhone users are exposed to a dangerous and unknown security vulnerability targeting the iMessage app on iPhone phones. They were advised to temporarily disable the app to protect their accounts.

The company explained that this zero-day vulnerability would be for sale on the Dark Web for $2 million. It allows hackers to hack iPhones and take control of them without requiring any user interaction, such as clicking a link.

What is a zero-sum vulnerability?

A Zero Day Vulnerability, or Zero Hour Vulnerability, is a security vulnerability in a computer program or system that has not been publicly disclosed by the vendor or developer. This means that attackers know about the vulnerability and can exploit it before the developer has a chance to patch it.

Zero-day vulnerabilities are particularly dangerous because no patches or updates are available to address them. This makes the affected systems very vulnerable to attacks. Attackers can use zero-day vulnerabilities to launch various attacks.

Portfolio Trust highlighted that high-value account holders are most at risk. All digital currency wallets stored on iPhones with iMessage enabled are vulnerable to this vulnerability.

And publish The company's CEO, Euan Chen, shows a screenshot of the "high-risk" vulnerability offered for sale on the dark web. Highlighting the potential danger.

Questioning the validity of Wallet Trust's warning

However, Wallet Trust's warnings were met with skepticism from some cybersecurity experts.

Lost Criticize Blockchain researcher Beau looked at the evidence provided by Wallet Trust and said: “If this is your 'trusted information' then it's embarrassing. You don't have proof of an iOS vulnerability, you have a screenshot of someone claiming to have a vulnerability.

Bo wondered if it would be better to follow the policy of “better safe than sorry”. Highlighting that the Wallet Trust warning may cause panic that would harm users.

He pointed out that Wallet Trust's post on Twitter received a lot of attention, as more than 1.2 million users saw the warning within four hours of its post.

In response to another skeptical comment from crypto analyst Fubar. Wallet Trust revealed that its information comes from its “security team and partners” who continually monitor threats.

These warnings about the potential zero-day vulnerability follow Apple's release of emergency security updates last month to fix two zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS that were exploited in attacks on iPhones.

According to security researchers at Kaspersky, Apple's iMessage app has been used as a means of attack by hackers in previous incidents.

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