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Site X "Twitter" It will be a paid service.. Elon Musk's new plan

Billionaire Elon Musk has announced plans to charge a fee to new users of his social media platform X (formerly Twitter), in a bid to combat spam and fraudulent bots.

However, the move has sparked significant skepticism within the cryptocurrency community.

Why the cryptocurrency community doesn't like the idea of ​​charging new users of Site

After purchasing Twitter for $44 billion in 2022, Musk has repeatedly faced challenges posed by fake accounts and automated bots. On April 15, Musk explained on X that the platform would charge a small fee for automated account processing. He noted that these fees could soon apply to basic functions such as posting, replying and bookmarking.

"Unfortunately, charging a small fee for write access to new users is the only way to limit the relentless onslaught of bots. The onslaught of fake accounts also eats up available namespace, making many good processors are being removed."

Despite these efforts, including a "Not A Bot" trial subscription that charges new users $1 in New Zealand and the Philippines, skepticism persists. ZackXPT channel spy ZackXPT has highlighted the persistence of scams. Stressing that fees cannot stop fraudsters. He pointed out that fraudsters often pay large sums to obtain verified status, suggesting they are unlikely to be deterred by small entry fees.

Additionally, some scammers also use government account badges. And he claims Zack XPT There is a whole black market for this.

“There are hundreds of verified fraudulent business accounts every week that scammers pay thousands of dollars for,” he said. male ZackXPT.

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Scammers use a business verification badge
Scammers use a business verification badge. Source: X (Twitter)

Additionally, cryptocurrency influencer Ansem criticized the effectiveness of the plan, arguing that stricter measures are needed to effectively address the issue. He believes that while the fees may reduce regular spam, they do little to stop well-funded scammers and organized crime gangs who are able to treat these costs as business expenses.

"These scammers print endless amounts of money every day. They don't care about paying a few cents to earn 5 figs+."

Additionally, DeFi researcher Ignace noted that Musk's approach could prioritize financial gain over solving the problem. Since Musk took over Twitter, he has taken numerous steps to reduce costs and increase profitability on the platform. It is worth noting that it introduced a fee of $8 for verified website X's account.

Meanwhile, Musk's other business, Tesla, is also undergoing significant financial adjustments. Amid falling demand for electric cars, Tesla reportedly... announcement It plans to reduce its workforce by “more than 10%”. This move aims to eliminate duplication of roles and simplify operations.

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