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Sui Blockchain Collaborates with BytePlus to Advance Web3 Technologies

A strategic partnership has been concluded between the Sui blockchain and BytePlus to integrate data storage, AI recommendation algorithms, visual AI in Web3 games and social finance on Sui.

BytePlus enters Web 3 with the Sui blockchain, focusing on AI, gaming and social finance

Today, Mysten Labs announced a partnership with BytePlus to explore collaboration on data warehousing, AI recommendation algorithms and visual AI algorithms in Web3 gaming platforms and social finance projects ( SocialFi) on... Sui.

Mysten Labs, Web 3 infrastructure provider and original shareholder of Sui. While Sui is a layer-one blockchain and the first-of-its-kind smart contract platform designed to facilitate digital asset transactions. With horizontally scalable processing and storage, Sui supports a wide range of applications at unmatched speed and low cost.

BytePlus is a platform designed to help businesses grow and improve efficiency. This by providing the latter with advanced technical solutions supported by the experience of its parent company, ByteDance, serving billions of users around the world. The platform offers a range of services, including personalized recommendation algorithms and artificial intelligence technologies. In addition to machine learning, video and image recognition and a cloud data warehouse. Using these tools, businesses can improve their customer experience, improve their products and services, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

The partnership between the two organizations will enable Sui to use ByteHouse, a cloud-native data warehouse for real-time, bulk analytics. Combined with Sui's comprehensive contract data, to increase performance and ensure fast delivery to users.

This partnership represents an important step toward enhancing Sui's analytics capabilities and realizing its vision of a scalable and responsive blockchain network. By combining the expertise of BytePlus and Misten LaboratoriesSui will be able to deliver a unique user experience and accelerate its global adoption.

BytePlus' products, including AI recommendation algorithm solutions and BytePlus CDN (a network of servers and data centers to accelerate delivery), will open new horizons of cooperation with Sui. Integrating these products into Sui is also expected to improve access to key customers and partners. Including major game development companies.

A partnership that will create a revolution in data analysis on Web 3

BytePlus is the ideal solution to enable businesses to grow and expand with advanced technologies based on ByteDance's rich experience serving billions of users around the world. Regarding the partnership, Evan Cheng, co-founder and CEO of Mysten Labs, said:

“This partnership with BytePlus will revolutionize data analysis in the Web 3 space and showcase our mission to drive innovation for Web 3 infrastructure. The integration of cutting-edge AI recommendations and visual algorithms in Sui represents a step forward in improving the user experience on web gaming platforms. and social finance projects.

For his part, Li Long, general manager of BytePlus in the Middle East and Africa, said:

“Together with Misten Labs, we are committed to unlocking new capabilities using advanced AI algorithms and data warehousing technology with Sui. This transformative journey demonstrates our commitment to revolutionizing data analysis and content delivery, and reaffirms our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to users and partners. "

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