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5 Cryptocurrency Traders to Follow in June 2024

The crypto market is not an easy space to navigate, given the barrage of constant developments and changing conditions.

During this hour, traders who have experienced the ups and downs of the space tend to be advantageous. BeInCrypto has compiled a list of people you can also benefit from.

Scott Melker - The Wolf of Every Street

Scott Melker, also known by his nickname The Wolf of All Streets, is one of the biggest cryptocurrency traders and influencers. However, his knowledge is not limited to the crypto market alone. It also draws its influence from the financial market.

Although Milker does not have a bias towards one asset, his latest Bitcoin forecast indicates a bullish outcome. According to his post, BTC is expected to head towards $74,000, allowing the crypto asset to post a new ATH.

Dan Gambardello

Dan Gambardello, trader and founder of Crypto Capital Venture is known to be a strong supporter of Cardano. However, his analysis is not limited to Cardano. It also focuses on BTC And alternative currencies The other.

His latest analysis of Bitcoin’s dominance over altcoins suggests that altcoin season could begin soon. Gambardello said:

“Altcoins should prepare for action soon and BTC dominance should start to decline by August.”


CJ, who has the fewest followers on this list, is still a very well-known trader. His careful analysis and predictions for Bitcoin and altcoins put CJ on my list of traders to follow.

CJ recently highlighted that Solana Maxis would likely be disappointed with its prediction of the ETH/SOL chart on the daily time frame. The chart has formed a bearish wedge, known as a bullish reversal pattern.

This indicates a bullish outcome for Ethereum but a bearish outcome for Solana.

Benjamin Quinn

Benjamin Cowen, another well-known trader in the cryptocurrency market, publishes several high-profile newsletters covering the spectrum of cryptocurrencies, stocks and the financial market in general. This breadth of knowledge has allowed CowenCowen to make predictions about the overall financial space using historical signals.

Recent analysis from Cowen suggests that interest rate cuts from the Federal Reserve may be imminent. And he said:

“During the last cycle, we saw the Fed cut rates a month after the ALT/BTC pairs collapsed in June 2019, and then the Fed cut rates in July. We are already hearing the ECB talking about rate cuts. the Fed won't be too far behind?

React Capital

Cryptocurrency trader and analyst Rekt Capital is not only a well-known influencer, but also one of the most accurate when it comes to forecasts. Rekt Capital mainly predicts and analyzes Bitcoin, but often features altcoins.

The latest analysis from Rekt Capital highlights a bullish result for Bitcoin price. As BTC approaches $70,000, analysts say a crash is unlikely.

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