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Notcoin shines in the sky of digital currencies. Will the upward march continue?

The altcoin market saw a remarkable recovery following the approval of Ethereum spot trading funds (ETFs) in the United States, but Notcoin (NOT) stole the show with a record surge of over 500% from 25 May to June 3. After that, it managed to attract the attention of millions of users around the world.

Notcoin, the digital currency that took Telegram by storm

Notcoin or "NoteCoin“It is a digital currency linked to a decentralized application on the Telegram platform of the same name. The application is based on a simple profit model, where users can collect currencies by simply clicking on the screen, without the need to download additional programs. , which facilitates the access process.

This simple template and innovative design has attracted over 35 million users as of May 16, with an average of 6 million daily active users before the coin was listed.

Notcoin has distributed around 78% of its coins to users When launching Official, while the rest was dedicated to the development of its ecosystem.

This wide distribution has helped to strengthen the sense of belonging among community participants, with the currency now considered part of the Open Network's private network system. In toncoin TNO.

As of May 30, the coin had 1.6 million on-chain users, surpassing popular memes like Shiba Inu, Bonk, and Pepe.

A record thanks to the expansion of the TON ecosystem

Analysts attribute the record rise Notcoin Price No This is due to several factors, including the expansion of applications in the TON ecosystem, which has increased the familiarity of participants in this community with the new digital currency.

NOT Toncoin Price Chart
NOT Toncoin Price Chart

One of the most notable manifestations of this expansion is the cooperation between NOTCoin and the cat breeding game Catizen, which supports the use of NOT currency in in-game purchases.

Catizen saw huge success in the third season of The Open Leaguean event organized by the TON Foundation to motivate and reward its users.

With nearly 2 million daily active users, Catizen has accumulated 50 million No coin In three days, 10% of it was burned on May 22. Notcoin itself burned 6.9 million NOT coins on May 30.

A bright future or unstable speculation?

Despite the great success achieved PasCoin PasHowever, its future is not yet entirely clear and is subject to speculative expectations. The recent rise can be partly attributed to an increase in requests related to the TON system, which has increased public awareness of the currency. However, the digital market is inherently volatile, and every investment or transaction requires careful study and comprehensive analysis before a decision is made.

Despite the record rise Notcoin FlagHowever, it is important to emphasize that the digital currency market carries many risks. This requires careful research before making any investment decision. Investors should be careful not to rely solely on hype, but rather study projects carefully and assess potential risks.

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