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Worldcoin (WLD) price has a chance to recover thanks to whales

Worldcoin (WLD) price is on an upward trajectory driven by one of the most influential groups, Whale Addresses. This accumulation of investors allowed WLD to recover its recent losses with the help of potential investors.

Worldcoin investors flock

Worldcoin Price Above the $5 mark, but still trying to break through the crucial resistance level. However, whales could be the savior of the altcoin as large wallet holders have continually added WLD to their holdings.

Over the past two weeks, addresses with between 100,000 and 1 million WLD have purchased over 6 million WLD. This offering, worth around $30 million, proves that investors are optimistic about rising prices.

Worldcoin Whale Holding.
WorldCoin Whale Holdings. Source: Feeling

Therefore, they are now accumulating to make profits once the Worldcoin price breaks out.

Retail investors participate this feeling This is also seen in their behavior. By dividing engagement, i.e. active addresses, by profitability, we can see that the sales potential is rather low.

In the case of WLD, less than 6% of all addresses that transact on the network generate profit. Overall, this group's dominance suggests profit booking, but for now, it's... WLD holders Overselling.

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Worldcoin active addresses by profitability.
Active Worldcoin addresses by profitability. Source: entolebloc

Worldcoin price can benefit from this, as the accumulation and minimum selling creates the perfect atmosphere for a rally.

WLD Price Prediction: Upside and Shine

hindsight Worldcoin Price It recently broke support at $4.53 after failing to break resistance at $5.14. This barrier has not been crossed since mid-May, which makes it crucial to initiate the recovery.

With the help of bullish investors, WLD can break this resistance and tip it towards a support floor. This would enable a rally to $5.64, which is the next major hurdle for the altcoin.

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Worldcoin price analysis.
Worldcoin price analysis. Source: Commercial view

However, a failed breakout would keep the Worldcoin price consolidated between $5.14 and $4.53. A drop in the latter would also increase the probability of a breakout, invalidating the bullish thesis.

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