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Portugal orders Worldcoin (WLD) to stop collecting biometric data

Worldcoin (WLD), which is struggling to expand in Europe, has just received an order from a Portuguese regulator to stop collecting biometric data. It would seem that the currency project that uses the iris print suffers from the ethical dimension of the project itself!

Worldcoin (WLD) can no longer collect biometric data in Portugal

After Spain at the beginning of the month, it's Portugal's turn to make its appearance He rejected it For the Worldcoin project. The identity verification project, which relies on blockchain technology and biometric data, appears to arouse the ire of many regulators. His case was also examined by the Portuguese National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data, which prohibits Sam Altman's company from collecting biometric data.

The Portuguese Commission notes that Worldcoin does not comply with applicable laws regarding the collection of network swabs on which its services are based. According to Reuters, the Portuguese regulator has received dozens of complaints stating that Worldcoin collects biometric data of minors and that this data cannot be deleted or consent withdrawn.

These two elements are particularly salient: sensitive data, including biometric data, must be deleteable at the request of the person, and their collection from minors requires the consent of guardians.

Yanek Prević, Head of Data Protection at Worldcoin, responded to the case by explaining that the company was not aware of the existence of these vulnerabilities:

"This is the first time we have heard anything negative about this topic (data collection). Including registrations of minors in Portugal, for which we have no tolerance."

Worldcoin's problems in Europe, the dilemma of the legality of personal data collection and the price of the associated digital currency are falling

However, Worldcoin seems aware of its lack of commitment on certain points. Yanek Prević confirms that the company is working on implementing ways for users to delete their accounts and view saved data.

Just like in Spain, the ban in Portugal is temporary. These two countries are not the only ones causing difficulties for Worldcoin. The company itself has decided to stop collecting biometric data in France. While the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL) was studying his case.

The path therefore seems strewn with pitfalls for Worldcoin, because the technology which allows it to collect its data faces a lot of skepticism in several European countries. As a result, the project that Sam Altman hopes will be revolutionary is taking longer than expected to develop.

Over the past 24 hours, the price of WLD coin has fallen by around 4%, trading at $8.38 (at the time of writing, Thursday, 9:16 a.m. Dubai time) . This is not far from its all-time high, $11.74.

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