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The theft of $62 million in a game on the BLAST protocol. How did it happen ?

Munchables, a non-fungible token (NFT) game built on the layer 2 blockchain, Blast, suffered a massive hack worth over $62 million in Ethereum (ETH) the day before yesterday. What happened?

$62 million stolen in Munchables game, on Protocol BLAST

Munchables, a non-fungible token (NFT) game built on Blast Layer 2, was hacked for over $62 million in Ethereum (ETH) the day before yesterday.

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The scale of the hack was first revealed by investigator ZachXBT, who at the same time revealed the attacker's address. By doing this, the money could be traced quite easily by investigators and the Munchables team, which is a very new protocol.

Additionally, the investigator was quickly able to identify the hacker, who actually turned out to be a former Munchables developer. The latter, of North Korean origin, operates under the alias “Werewolves0493” on GitHub. In doing so, the attacker was able to allocate a massive amount of ETH via the malicious smart contract, before withdrawing it.

According to 0Xquit, the attack had been planned for some time by the developer. An unverified smart contract was exposed at the time of the cryptocurrency theft. According to him, the Munchables team is responsible for not having carried out the necessary checks on its various contracts.

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As of this writing, we don't know why. But the hacker agreed to return the stolen funds to Munchables by transferring the protocol's private keys. According to a recent statement from Munchables, user funds are safe and a more detailed post-mortem report is expected soon.

On this subject, Backman, founder of the layer 2 solution Blast, took the opportunity to call on developers working on the network to be more vigilant about the security of their applications. Blast is currently the fourth largest layer 2 blockchain in terms of total value locked (TVL), which currently stands at $2.66 billion.

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