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Why could the PEPE price be preparing for a further rise?

The supply of PEPE on exchanges saw a significant drop in a single day, indicating that holders of the coin are expecting a rise in value as the coin's increasing average lifespan indicates a shortage selling pressure and an accumulation phase.

Although the EMA lines do not show a strong uptrend, they indicate possible consolidation, paving the way for a possible price rise. Although PEPE price has increased by 442.77% this year, PEPE price is struggling to cross and maintain the $0.0000080 threshold.

The PEPE IPO triggered an important signal

Between March 25 and 26, Baby's supply on the stock exchanges saw a significant drop, from 180.7 trillion to 178.7 trillion.

This significant decrease in the supply available for trading could have a significant impact on the price of PEPE, primarily due to the principles of supply and demand. When the supply of PEPE decreases in... ScholarshipsHowever, if demand remains constant or increases, this will naturally put upward pressure on prices.

Offer PEPE on the stock market.
Bibi's stock market offering. Source: Feeling.

Historically, a precedent for this scenario occurred when a similar drop in supply was immediately followed by a significant rise in price – from $0.000008 to $0.0000106 in a single day.

This trend suggests that the recent decline in foreign exchange supply could be a harbinger of another significant increase in PEPE prices. A decrease in its availability on trading platforms may lead to a significant increase in purchasing demand and price.

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The average lifespan of the PEPE part indicates accumulation

Since the beginning of March, the average lifespan of PEPEs has followed a constant upward trajectory. Average Coin Age measures the average age of all coins in the network, calculated from when they were last transferred.

This measure acts as an indicator of investor behavior. The increasing average lifespan of a coin indicates that coin holders are increasingly choosing to hold onto their coins rather than sell them. Which indicates a period of accumulation. This trend is generally considered a bullish signal for the cryptocurrency. Because this indicates a strong sentiment to hold the currency among investors and a potential decline in selling pressure, which could lead to higher prices.

Average lifespan of the PEPE part.
Average lifespan of a baby piece. Source: Feeling.

The coin’s average lifespan has shown stability over the past three days, suggesting that PEPE may be entering a consolidation phase. Periods of consolidation often precede major market movements because they reflect the balance between supply and demand before a new trend emerges.

Thus, this stabilization in the average coin lifespan may be an early indicator that PEPE is preparing for the next phase of price appreciation, as the market consolidates and prepares for future volatility.

Pepe Price Prediction: Can the price rise above $0.000011?

On March 14 he arrived PEPE Price at an all-time high, reaching a remarkable price of $0.0000106. Since reaching this high, the company has struggled to maintain its value above the $0.0000080 level, showing signs of struggling in the market.

Currently, three of the four EMA lines are converging towards the PEPE price EMA. This is closely aligned with current price action. This convergence, especially with the short-term EMA lines positioned above their long-term counterparts, sends a bullish signal to investors. This alignment suggests that the PEPE price could be stable. It is likely to enter a consolidation phase as market participants evaluate their next moves.

4-hour PEPE price chart and EMA lines.
4-hour PEPE price chart and EMA lines. Source: Trading View.

Exponential moving averages (EMA) focus more on recent data, making them quicker to react than simple moving averages (SMA). It gives more weight to the most recent prices and reduces that weight to older data.

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The high supply on exchanges and the average coin life for PEPE show the desire of coin holders to hold on to their assets. They expect to make gains, thus preparing the PEPE for possible price increases. If PEPE rises above $0.0000085, it could reach $0.000011 for the first time. However, if it falls below the $0.0000070 support level, the price could fall to $0.0000049.

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